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Export and Import Permits
Government and veterinary permits for exporting trophies may be arranged on your behalf, but you are required to ensure that you will be able to import your trophies to your own country.
Dipping and Crating of Trophies
Clients have the option of "dipping and crating" of their trophies with Melody African Safaris if they wish.

Health Precautions and Insurance

While all possible precautions are taken to protect your agains accidents, sickness, loss of property or personal injury, no liability can be accepted in this regard.  A first aid kit is carried by the professional hunter who will accompany you.
More sophisticated medical facilities are available within a radius of 200km (120 miles) of the various hunting areas.
You are required to arrange your own personal, travel, all-risks hunting and medical insurance.
Hunting Contact

Download Hunting Contact

We advise you to bring your own weapons with which you are familiar.  A .222 for smaller game and a .270 - .338 for larger species.  However, rifles and shotguns can be hired at a rate of US $ 30 per day.  Calibers available are .223;  .243;  .270 and .308 - all with scopes.  Ammuntion can be purchased.

Contact the following to assist you with importing your firearms into the coutry:

Africa Sky

Schutte Bekker
Tel : 01127 82 854 7090


Deidre Bekker
Tel : 01127 82 319 4081

Email : africasky@mweb.co.za
Web : www.africasky.co.za
Reservations and Payment
Reservations to be made with Louis Lategan directly.  A deposit of 50% of the daily rates (for the period of the hunt) is required on confirmation of reservations.
Cancellations will be accepted if a replacement for your reservation can be booked.  If not, the deposit will be forfeited.
Final payment in cash of the balance of the daily rate, plus all trophy fees are due at the end of the hunt.

Cheques can also be mailed to my agent, Ruby, in Forsyth, GA before departing for the hunt. 


Ruby Cannon
1061 Stokes Store Rd

Location of Melody Safaris

A map of our location.