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About Us

Your Professional Hunter
Louis Lategan, proprietor of Melody African Safaris and owner of The Lomonds Farm, is a registered professional hunter and member of Safari Club International. Louis have been in business since 1996.  Louis does all the guiding himself but if there are more than two hunters other PHs will be used. 

Louis had Pat Boyer from Northwest Hunter hunting with him.  Pat made a hunting show of his hunting operation and also made a hunting video while hunting with Melody Safaris.  His website can be viewed at

Steve Scott who has Safari Television Productions hunted with Louis as well.  You'll see him on popular television programs like "Safari Hunters Journal, Steve Scott's Outdoor Guide and Big 5:  Africa's Dangerous Game".  You can view his website at

Melody African Safaris do a lot of interesting and exciting hunts which the African lynx or Caracal is one of them. Dogs are used on this hunt and usually we start the hunt early morning with sunrise by listening where bushbucks bark. We then let the dogs loose in that area and they start searching for the sent. The sent of the lynx can only be picked up by the dogs while the grass and ground is still wet from early morning dew. Once the dogs pick up the sent they will tree the lynx where it will be shot with a shotgun.

Another one is the Blue duiker. Its the smallest antelope in Africa and weighs about 12 15 lbs. Dogs are also used on this hunt. They stay in very thick bush and cover. The bush is divided into blocks with roads that have been made by hand. The dogs are let loose and with the help of a few beaters they walk through the bush and that pushes the blue duiker to run across these roads and will then give the opportunity to shoot him also with a shotgun.

Two other animals which are different in our area are the Kudu and Bushbuck. They are both much darker and prettier with definite stripes and markings on them. The bushbucks are almost black.

Clients will be accommodated in stylish wooden cabins on the Lomonds Farm, which blend in wtih the natural surroundings. We can accommodate up to 3 couples or up to 6 hunters at a time on our ranch.

Melody African Safaris are indeed the people for an African Bush Experience.


Louis, Owner of Melody Safaris